Jelly Fish
Morning Glory Pool glass panel
Turn and Face the Changes Glass Sketchbook
Glass Sketchbooks
Pate de Verre Sucré glass bowl First Spring
Ice Age: The White Series
Glass sculpture with John Lennon
Sound Affects: Glass Records
sculpted glass bowl
Pate de Verre Sucré
Glass sculpture In the Presence of the Ancients
In the Presence of the Ancients
Carved Glass Painting: Still-Life-at-Glastonbury-Abbey
Carved Glass Paintings
Florence Farmhouse Glass painting
Landscape Paintings within the Glass
Woodstock Sculpture
Sound Affects: Glass Records
Undercover, Diptych painted glass panel
Figurative Paintings within the Glass
painting Double Parked in Venice
Pastel Paintings
Waiting for the Wind painting
Oil and Acrylic Paintings
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