Can’t take a class?  Do you prefer to experiment on your own?  Then start with the books and PDFs in this section. 

Printmaking Techniques on Glass
by Jody Danner Walker

Extensively illustrated with over 700 full color photographs, my book is an invaluable resource for artists, craftspeople, and hobbyists who want to learn how to adapt traditional printmaking techniques for use on fused glass.

Contemporary Warm Glass
by Brad Walker

For over 10 years Brad Walker’s Contemporary Fused Glass (and its previous edition, Contemporary Warm Glass) has been the “bible” of the kilnforming world. With over 40,000 copies sold in six printings, this latest edition has 208 pages, more than 200 full color illustrations, and information on everything from the basics to more advanced topics.

The Joy of Coldworking
by Jonathon Schmuck

Illustrated with over 250 full color photographs of processes, equipment, and works of art, Johnathon Schmuck’s The Joy of Coldworking is the first extensive publication on coldworking techniques for the glass artist.

PDFs available for download

How to Prepare, Mix, Apply, and Fire Sunshine Enamels
Downloadable PDF
by Jody Danner Walker

A full chapter from my book  Printmaking Techniques on Glass book, this 23 page guide to using Ferro’s Sunshine Enamels covers all the basics, from mixing to applying to firing and more.

You Tube Videos

Jody Danner Walker demonstrates how to mix Sunshine Enamels for use with fused glass.

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